Democrat does not commit to ending the filibuster

Source: Patrick Howley

Joe Biden made an apparent Freudian slip in his rambling incoherent press conference Thursday, saying, “I have no idea if there will be a Republican Party” by the time the next presidential election occurs in 2024.

The press corps badgered Biden on the prospect of eliminating the filibuster to allow Democrats to cram through their legislative agenda, which includes a sweeping election overhaul package. Biden did not commit to supporting the end of the filibuster but he left the door open to the possibility. If the filibuster goes away and Democrats achieve full policymaking dominance, the GOP would clearly face an existential crisis.

The press took an activist tone in Biden’s news conference, mostly pressing the Democrat to commit to political and policy objectives like election reform. Biden did not put up much resistance to their pressure as he rambled and repeatedly lost his train of thought.

In one telling back-and-forth, Biden said that Republican efforts to protect election integrity amount to not merely a “Jim Crow” but a “Jim Eagle” scenario.