Source: Kyle Becker

Joe Biden was at a signing ceremony to commemorate the 31st anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act when he had a ‘senior moment’ that required an intervention by his vice president.

Flanked by Kamala Harris and Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Biden looked around as if needing direction on what to do next. That’s when Kamala Harris stepped up in what appeared to be a familiar role for the vice president.

“What?” Biden said and whirled his head around.

“And this girl right here,” Harris said and pointed.

“I will,” Biden replied. “But I want to make sure I have got all the…”

Biden then turned and gave the girl a pen. It wasn’t the first time that Kamala Harris had acted like Biden’s caretaker at a White House event.

In June, Biden was about to leave a press conference, when Harris reminded him to issue a remark about a tragic event.

“Mr. President, will you travel to Florida, sir?” a reporter asked. Biden apparently had no idea what he was talking about.” Advertisements

“Can we ask you about Florida, what you’ve learned and —” a reporter insisted.

“Oh yes. I apologize,” Biden said after an edgy moment with Vice President Harris.

“Yes. Thank you, Vice President. I have spoken with, coincidentally, the mayor of Miami-Dade was in my office yesterday, and I talked to her today — not about that, obviously,” he continued. “And so I’ve had a long discussion with her today, I’ve also spoken with — we’ve been in contact with the Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman-Schultz who has that district.”

“We have gotten in touch with FEMA. They’re ready to go. The governor will have to — they’re down inspecting what they think is needed, but I’m waiting for the governor to ask to declare an emergency, and especially as we learn more of what might happen to the rest of the building,” he added. “So we are on top of it.”

It certainly didn’t look that way. And the more the Biden presidency wears on, the more it seems Kamala Harris is more like Biden’s handler than his vice president.

Of course, she isn’t the only one that has appeared to fulfill this role. When Kamala Harris was away in Guatemala, it was his wife Jill Biden’s turn to president-sit. At the G-8 summit, Biden appeared to be out wandering around in Cornwall, England.

Biden answered a quick question for a reporter about how he believed the talks were coming, before his wife Jill Biden seemed to come to rescue. You can hear a loud outburst of laughs, although Biden didn’t seem to make any joke.

There were also scattered reports that Biden was the butt of jokes being told by world leaders at the G7 summit, which is entirely believable. And in a brief outburst to reporters on Sunday, he even seemed to say ‘my butt’s been wiped.’ That’s not exactly what you want to see from the President of the United States.