Source: Kelen McBreen

The federal document admits the move “will provide a financial incentive for some employees to be fully vaccinated.”

OSHA’s new vaccine mandate, published in the Federal Register by the Biden administration on Friday, allows employers to force unvaccinated employees to pay for their own Covid tests and face masks.

Despite Secretary of Labor Marty Walsh claiming on Friday the new rule “isn’t a mandate,” the Draconian regulation requires employees at businesses with over 100 workers to either be vaccinated or submit to weekly testing.

Page 36 of the 154-page document states, “Additionally, where the employer opts out of implementing a mandatory vaccination policy, and the employee opts out of vaccination, this ETS places no obligation on the employer to pay for costs associated with the regular testing of unvaccinated workers for COVID–19 or their use of face coverings, which will provide a financial incentive for some employees to be fully vaccinated.”

“Quite honestly, I think a lot of the companies already with 100 or more employees already have some type of vaccine program, and a lot of times, it’s a mandate,” Secretary Walsh said Thursday. “This isn’t a mandate. This is a vaccine or testing. And I think that that’s something that a lot of the people who are anti-vaccine and saying they don’t want it — I want you to take a deep breath and hear what I’m saying here, because I think it’s really important to understand. It is about keeping people safe, including folks that don’t want to get vaccinated, to make sure that they’re safe.”

We are supposed to believe the federal government is forcing an experimental vaccination because it cares so much about Americans.

This ridiculous federal decree will bring about a battle between the states and the Biden administration that could further rip the nation apart.