Washington is reportedly recruiting TikTokers for the president’s reelection campaign while working to ban their app

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US President Joe Biden is amassing an “army” of youthful “influencers” to sell the country’s oldest-ever president to the “young voters who are crucial to Democrats’ success in elections,” Axios reported on Sunday. The administration is reportedly considering giving its social media superstars their own briefing room in the White House.

The White House has linked up with “hundreds” of content creators willing to throw their online influence behind Biden’s campaign, according to the news outlet, including 20-year-old New York University news TikToker Harry Sisson, finance TikToker Vivian Tu, and Boston College professor Heather Cox Richardson, whose preferred platforms are Twitter and Substack. 

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The president’s “digital strategy team” includes four White House staffers dedicated exclusively to recruiting influencers and social media content creators, with a specific focus on “young and suburban voters” and those who’ve largely tuned out politics, according to Axios.

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