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(Natural News) The Urban Institute released a disturbing study this week showing that one out of every four Americans now has to go without food sometimes because it is just too expensive under fake president Joe Biden.

When the Pedophile-in-Chief first assumed office in January 2021, only one in five Americans was occasionally having trouble buying enough food for proper nourishment. That figure spiked to one in four at the end of 2022, constituting a massive 23 percent increase in just one year’s time.

Bidenflation caused a whopping 63.2 percent of adults in America to see their grocery costs increase “a lot” last year. The most negatively affected demographics were Hispanic and black adults, the data shows.

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Those whose food costs spiked “a lot” in 2022 were also found to be nearly twice as likely as other adults to, on occasion, have trouble buying enough food to eat. (Related: Last summer, a handful of senators blasted Biden, warning that his “inflation bomb” would drive the American economy straight into the ground, which it clearly has.)

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