Posted BY: Michael Letts

Do you recall when President Joe Biden said at the end of August that he wants to “fund the police,” after facing so much backlash from what took place with those “defund the police” protests?

Speaking to a group of 500 people at the time, he said, “When it comes to public safety, the answer is not to ‘defund the police.’  It’s to fund the police.”

And yet here we are, months later, with barely any sort of action taken.  There is a bill that’s making its way through the Senate that will reportedly provide that funding, but, considering how long it took to get through the House, it’s hard for anyone to guess when it will pass.

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I bring this up because it seems as though the president says a lot of things lately — like how just about three weeks later, he claimed that the COVID-19 pandemic that had affected thousands over the past couple of years was a done deal.  He noted, in the same statement, that the “pandemic is over,” but “we still have a problem with COVID.”

Now, months later, according to Fox News, he’s seeking funding to continue to fight against COVID, requesting $9 billion for the U.S. and $1 billion for international purposes.

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