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America’s beleaguered cities and towns, growing numbers of which are suffering unfunded inundation, do not care how the government lets 200,000 aliens cross per month. They only care that they are here.

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AUSTIN, Texas — President Joe Biden and his top deputies are pushing shell-game accounting and the untruthful narrative that “non-citizen” crossings over the U.S. southwest border have plummeted by up to “70 percent,” so there’s nothing to see here, folks. Not so fast. 

Despite the claimed success of the administration’s new “stiffer consequences” border management plan since the end of the Title 42 pandemic-era instant-expulsion policy on May 11, the historic mass migration crisis rages at full throttle into its third straight year. It rages in three ways that media outlets and even some Republican lawmakers are unwilling to see, acknowledge, or report — but I’ve witnessed all three firsthand at the southwest border.

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