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President Joe Biden, 80, announced this week that he would be seeking re-election. While the president suggested that he seeks another four years to “finish the job,” there is significant doubt that he can and even some confusion at the White House about whether he intends to.

The president’s admission in October that he could “drop dead tomorrow” likely did little to bolster the confidence of voters, especially those wary of what tragedies such a tragedy may in turn beget.

Haunted by both the prospect of succession and Vice President Kamala Harris’ abysmal approval numbers, White House officials are now scrambling to address Harris’ unlikability.

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According to RealClearPolitics, Harris’ average job approval rating is 38%, with an average of 54% of respondents giving her an unfavorable assessment.

White House officials have indicated that Biden might also give Harris a low job approval rating, complaining of her not “rising to the occasion,” her inability to take “things off his plate,” and her propensity for “word salads.”

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