Source: Jacob Palmieri

Joe Biden’s agenda continues to hit roadblocks.

The price of coal in West Virginia just hit a 12-year-high.

This makes Biden’s attempt to appeal to Dem Senator Joe Manchin even harder.

Manchin is needed for Biden to pass his radical climate policies.

From Bloomberg:

Central Appalachia coal prices at a 12-year high could give West Virginia a boost just as President Joe Biden needs to persuade its Senator Joe Manchin to support a $2 trillion tax-and-spending package that includes climate-change measures.

Biden’s Build Back Better package now moves to the Senate after the House passed it on Friday. Manchin, a West Virginia Democrat, is at the center of negotiations for the proposal that includes spending on child and elder care, but also initiatives to reduce dependence on coal by investing in clean-energy technologies. Progressives want ambitious spending and environmental regulations to meet climate goals.

A recovery-driven surge in global demand for electricity could put Biden’s flagship legislation in a double vise, validating the importance of coal and natural gas as baseload fuels, but also contributing to the rising inflation that Manchin has said is a primary concern in passing another big government spending package.

“I can tell you the coal market in West Virginia has never been hotter. They cannot produce enough coal for demand in the world,” Manchin said Tuesday as he convened a Senate committee hearing on higher energy prices. “I can’t believe what I’m seeing today. I’ve never seen it.”