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Joe Biden’s recent statement, made during a response to Hurricane Idalia in Live Oak, Florida, has raised eyebrows and generated controversy. In his comments, Biden appeared to suggest that his administration would actively work to “increase the number and intensity of extreme weather events.” This statement has left many perplexed and concerned about its implications.

During his speech, Biden mentioned convening his entire Cabinet for a government response to the hurricane. He also stated that the government would utilize all available resources to achieve the goal of intensifying extreme weather events. It is important to note that the White House later altered the transcript of his speech, making changes to clarify his remarks.

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President Biden’s comment about increasing extreme weather events has sparked criticism and confusion. While the statement may have been a slip of the tongue or a poorly worded remark, it has fueled debate about the administration’s stance on climate change and environmental policy. Some argue that the altered transcript suggests an attempt to backtrack or clarify his intentions.