Source:  Gateway Pundit

This Sunday morning on FOX and Friends Maria Bartiromo discussed today’s line-up for her stellar Sunday morning news program Sunday Morning Futures.

During the conversation Maria Bartiromo dropped another golden nugget related to the historic Trump economy.
68% of money managers now say a recession is unlikely in 2020.
And, income inequality is shrinking under Trump!

Of course, this is HUGE news that is being ignored by the #FakeNews mainstream media.

Maria Bartiromo: What is not being spoken about in this whole economic boom, income inequality is narrowing. It is lessening. This was the major issue from the left for so many years and it is an important issue, that the rich keep getting richer and that it wasn’t filtering through. It is 100% filtering through! You see income inequality get smaller and smaller as wages go up. And the bottom earners are really seeing the wages go up the most.

Via FOX and Friends: