Source: Free West Media

For the opening of the Climate Theater in Glasgow, US President Joe Biden first landed at the G20 in Rome and drove with 85 large black SUVs, his security detail, to the Pope in the Vatican. His visit was marked by a “bathroom incident”.

There the second Catholic US President was welcomed in a friendly manner and also went to mass and communion, but Pope Francis had to wait for the “Leader of the Free World” because of a “bathroom incident” which soon trended on Twitter. The Vatican cancelled a livestream meeting with Biden, evidently to save the president another humiliation.

Joe Biden’s flight to Europe alone produced a million kilos of CO2, and there were over 400 private jets registered for Glasgow, but curiously this was ignored by climate activists.

Other leaders like China’s President Xi Jinping and Russia’s Vladimir Putin stayed home, possibly to avoid Greta Thunberg’s hysterical rants. China has around 1000 coal-fired power plants and India 280 and both want to increase their plants, while the EU remains in favor of dismantling them and a radical increase in the price of electricity, gas, petrol and heating for their subjects if they are not “green” enough.

In Davos 2020, hundreds of private planes and helicopters also arrived so that their passengers could discuss the “climate crisis” and funding the likes of Greta Thunberg. In 2018, more than 1000 private jets and helicopters had arrived in Davos, and in 2017 an estimated 200 private flights per day landed in the city during the event.

By 2050, aviation will be responsible for an estimated 22 percent of global carbon emissions. Nevertheless, more than 600 private planes came to the Davos Forum in 2019, not counting the military planes that transported another 60 presidents and prime ministers.

Prince Charles, who on behalf of the UK has actually declared war on ordinary citizens this year, has flown 16 000 airmiles in private planes, emitting 162 tons of CO2. It is 18 times the amount which the average Brit produces.

The new old enemy

And now a new old enemy has emerged in Glasgow: Nuclear power. French President Macron wants to build six new pressurized water reactors maintaining that nuclear power plants are pure green energy. Since his opponents are supporters of nuclear power, and the unpopular Macron is afraid of high energy prices and the Yellow Vests, anti-nuclear Germany is in a pickle.

In the case of Germany, nuclear power generation has declined from around 30 percent in 2000 to 11 percent in 2020, and there are plans to shut down all nuclear power plants by 2022.

But nuclear power is about to make a clear comeback as green energy worldwide and also in Germany. At the end of 2022, the construction of nuclear power plants will resume and China is planning six to eight new nuclear power plants per year.

Biden is as unpopular as Trump was

Despite his climate-friendly stance, President Biden, nine months into his presidency, is not doing better than his predecessor in the polls: Americans view him as they did Donald Trump. An NBC News poll revealed that 54 percent of voters disapproved of him, especially independent voters.

Some 71 percent — including 70 percent of independents and 48 percent of Democrats — believe the US is headed in the wrong direction, while only 18 percent approved of Biden. Another pollster Gallup said Biden’s 42 percent approval rating was the lowest for any president in their first year since 1953 — except for Trump, who was at 37 percent.