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There are new legal developments being reported in the case of Jacob Chansley, aka the QAnon Shaman, following a bombshell video aired on Tucker Carlson Tonight on Monday.

Tucker Carlson aired the never-before-seen January 6 video showing Chansley was escorted through the Capitol building by police when he was in the building.

His attorney revealed that there is more forthcoming on Chansley’s story and he very well may be released from custody soon, he vouches.

“My client, Jake Chansley, was a big part of Tucker’s first big rollout of video tonight,” said his attorney on Twitter. “There is a story beyond just the fact that the Govt had a video Jake’s attorney never looked at. Jake is set to be released from custody soon.”

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He’s going to tell his story,” his lawyer continued. “But Jake has also committed himself to help me raise money so I can get into cases for J6 defendants earlier than I was able to get into his. I’ve to spend 20 or more hours talking to Jake by phone.”

“He’s a very interesting young man and I look forward to meeting him in person,” he added. “It is quite fortuitous that these videos are coming out around the same time as he might first be able to address them himself.”

“This is the way I’m able to help Jake — I’ve never asked him for a singe dollar [sic] — and other J6 defendants,” he said while posting a GiveSendGo link. “Generous contributors are helping them.”

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