Claims it could represent “the worst part of the pandemic” despite contradictory evidence from South Africa.

Source: Paul Joseph Watson

Bill Gates has apparently canceled his Christmas holiday plans over Omicron, despite a plethora of data indicating the new variant is significantly milder than previous strains of COVID-19.

The Microsoft founder made the announcement via Twitter earlier today.

“Just when it seemed like life would return to normal, we could be entering the worst part of the pandemic,” said Gates. “Omicron will hit home for all of us. Close friends of mine now have it, and I’ve canceled most of my holiday plans.”

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Predictably, the billionaire went on to tell Americans to wear masks, get vaccinated, and avoid large gatherings.

Funnily enough, Gates went on to acknowledge that the vaccinated could get and spread COVID, something which Twitter actually now treats as a violation of their TOS.

Maybe someone should tell Gates about South Africa.

Despite being the epicenter of the Omicron outbreak, experts there have described the symptoms as “mild.”

As we highlighted yesterday, COVID cases in South Africa peaked on December 15th and have dropped every day since.

Hospitalizations have also dropped by 25% over the last week.

Health authorities in the country have even suggested stopping tracing and quarantining those who have come into contact with Omicron because it isn’t helping to stop the spread of the variant, which only causes mild symptoms anyway.

Last week, South African Health Minister Joe Phaahla said that only 1.7% of COVID cases in the current Omicron wave are being hospitalized compared to 19% in the previous wave.

Even in the UK, which is about 2 weeks behind South Africa, cases are already peaking and hospitals haven’t been overwhelmed.

Of course, more cynical observers will assert that Gates is merely claiming to have canceled his holiday in order to drive more fear into the American people and grease the skids for more lockdown measures.

Gates has the wealth to private jet himself and any number of staff to a secluded location that is completely isolated from the general public.