HB 645 would fine vaxxed people – or people suffering long Covid – $500 for knowingly donating tainted blood, as well as donation centers that receive it.

Posted BY:Adan Salazar

A bill proposed in Montana seeks to bar people injected with Covid-19 mRNA jabs from donating to a blood bank.

House Bill 645 would make it illegal to donate or accept blood from Covid vaccinated individuals, applying a $500 fine to each offense.

Additionally, the bill would also ban people suffering from “long Covid” from donating blood.

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One study last year published in Clinical Infectious Diseases found “Persistent circulating SARS-CoV-2 spike is associated with post-acute COVID-19 sequelae [long Covid].”

The bill, introduced by Rep. Greg Kmetz (R), references spike proteins induced by the vaccine and found in persons suffering long Covid as one factor the vaccinated blood needs to be rejected.

Rep. Kmetz noted last Friday he introduced the legislation after encouragement from his constituents, who were concerned proper research hasn’t been conducted into the effect spike protein-tainted blood could have on blood recipients.

“For years now we’ve heard the words ‘safe and effective.’ Our entire planet has echoed these words. Safe and effective,” he stated. “We’ve seen two presidents utter these words. We have seen top government medical spokesmen utter these same words. We’ve seen two Montana governors utter these same words…many of my constituents’ questions, just because we hear these two words ‘safe and effective’ million-plus times, does that make them true?”

Rep. Kmetz also reportedly noted constituents were suspicious of the government’s scheme to “eradicate” a disease with “over a 99% survival rate.”

The Billings Gazette has more from last Friday’s hearing on the bill, where several spoke in favor of the mRNA blood ban and discussed fibrous clots that have been found in some vaccinated patients:

Eight people spoke in support of the bill, including Rep. Lola Sheldon-Galloway, R-Great Falls, who referred to a Facebook post as supporting documentation that the COVID-19 vaccine is directly tied to mysterious deaths in the area.

Sheldon-Galloway explained that her brother is a mortician and said that since the onset of COVID-19 vaccines, the blood in the corpses he embalms has become more “fibrous.”

Another proponent, Dr. Christine Drivdahl-Smith, a family medicine doctor in Miles City, said the COVID-19 vaccine can cause prion disease, more widely known as mad cow disease. She also says that these proteins can be transferred during transfusions.

“So if the spike protein can circulate in the blood for at least 30 days and act as a prion causing a fatal brain disease, wouldn’t we want to exempt those people from donating blood?” Drivdahl-Smith said.

Critics of the bill say it would decimate the blood supply, with the CEO of nonprofit blood collection company Vitalant saying as much as 80% of the blood supply could be affected.

“Montana’s blood supply could be cut by up to 80%, leading to adverse patient outcomes including unnecessary and unconscionable death,” said Vitalant senior vice president Cliff Numark, adding the lack of blood could leave accident victims and surgery patients in need of transfusions in a very precarious spot.

Meanwhile, alternative news site The Independent Sentinel directs people in search of untainted “safe blood” to visit safeblood.us/en for help or info on receiving or donating unvaccinated blood.