This will surely convince those apprehensive to take the shot.

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Weird footage from Joe Biden’s White House shows a YouTube comedian playing a “Gen-Z intern” who promotes the vaccine while sucking up to the Biden administration.

Benito Skinner, a comedian and impersonator, plays what Vogue magazine called the “iconic” role of an effeminate “Gen-Z” intern named Kooper who lands a gig at the White House, and of course vaccines are front and center.

“We need to get shots in the arms of every single American!” Kooper urges on one important call with his feet propped up on the desk. “Now, I’m heading to a haircut.” View this post on Instagram

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Biden’s press secretary Jen Psaki also makes an appearance with Kooper, urging Americans to take the COVID jab.

“We’ve come a long way on our fight against this virus,” she told Kooper as he pretended to take notes. “We’ve vaccinated 160 million Americans. Are you getting this all down?”

“Don’t worry queen — it’s all right here,” Kooper said, pointing to his head.

Many Twitter users panned the White House propaganda stunt.

This isn’t the first cringeworthy government-backed vaccine propaganda push.

The Arkansas Department of Health recently released a promotional vaccine ad in the wake of low vaccine rates which was so bizarre that many thought it was a parody.