Posted BY: Doug MacGregor

In 1996 comedian Chris Rock performed an HBO special called, “Bring the Pain” (full video here). His most memorable routine began with: “Who’s more racist? Black people or white people? Black people. Because everything white people hate about black people, black people REALLY don’t like about black people.” Rock used the hard, “R”, calling it a Civil War between black people and n******, declaring that, “n****** got to go!”

The audience in Washington DC was mostly if not entirely black, and the laughter was loud. It was real. And it signaled agreement. 

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Highlights: “I love black people but I hate n!” He ripped into them for their low expectations, shunning education, “loving to not know” and wanting, “credit for things they’re supposed to do like taking care of their kids…and never going to jail.”

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