Posted BY: Civis Americanus

The status of Black Lives Matter as a credibly alleged race-hustling fraud against the trust of the American people was reinforced during the past week, as reported in “Wilkes-Barre man charged with nearly striking officer, selling crack cocaine.”  A nearby crowd nonetheless took the suspect’s side during the confrontation: “a crowd gathered and began yelling, ‘Black Lives Matter’ and hurled expletives toward officers, according to court records.”

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The police in question arrested this individual because Black lives matter.  Crack cocaine is just as capable of messing up the lives of a drug-dealer’s Black customers as it is of his Caucasian ones.  There are in fact roughly four drug overdose deaths for every homicide in the U.S. (100,000 versus fewer than 25,000), so police who care about all human lives will arrest those of any race who essentially poison their customers, again of any race, for money.

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