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I reported previously how Dean Eduardo Peñalver of Cornell’s famous law school used an official Cornell University web page to condemn Legal Insurrection’s William Jacobson for disparaging Black Lives Matter.  This page, which is still online as of December 27, 2022, says in part (emphasis is mine),

In light of this deep and rich tradition of walking the walk of racial justice, in no uncertain terms, recent blog posts of Professor William Jacobson, casting broad and categorical aspersions on the goals of those protesting for justice for Black Americans, do not reflect the values of Cornell Law School as I have articulated them. I found his recent posts to be both offensive and poorly reasoned.

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I also reported how Hardin-Simmons University apparently forced out a student for posting a TikTok video that disparaged Black Lives Matter.  HSU is already facing declining enrollments due to other reasons, and, in light of the following discovery, its treatment of this student should be an absolute disqualifier in the absence of rapid corrective action by HSU (including, for example, a public apology to the student in question).  Less expensive public universities in Texas cannot discriminate against students for political views, and if students want education with a Baptist focus, there are plenty of Baptist churches and other organizations on or near the public universities in question.

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