Source: Fred T

Everything is white supremacy. Even black people who don’t like the woke agenda are white supremacy. That’s what MSNBC’s Tiffany Cross and Elie Mystal said to a conservative black Republican on Saturday.

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Right to his face.

Rufus Montgomery maintained his calm demeanor and measured commentary despite this theatrics from Mystal. The sad part is that Tiffany Cross introduced him a longtime friend.


The message here is clear. You have to vote Democrat to be considered a real black man, according to Cross and Mystal. His fake excuse is that they can talk about policy between liberal and conservative black voters as long as they keep voting Democrat.

Because, as Joe Manchin can personally attest, there’s PLENTY of room for a conservative point of view in the Democratic party. They’re SUPER tolerant of that. Not at ALL or in ANY way would the woke liberal mob turn on someone like Kyrsten Sinema for opting not to vote with the party on a single issue.

RIGHT? Great point as always, Elie.