Posted BY: Jasmine | NwoReport

A coalition of Black Trump supporters recently gathered outside the Fulton County Jail to show their support for former President Donald Trump. Among them was Derrick Gibson, a former New York Republican gubernatorial candidate currently running for a state congressional seat. Gibson stood out in the crowd, wearing a shirt that boldly stated “Niggas 4 Trump” while denouncing the charges against Trump.

Gibson expressed his motivation for supporting Trump, citing a history of unjustly targeting Black men with false accusations. He voiced his belief in Trump’s innocence and condemned what he sees as a corrupt and unequal justice system. He attributed the charges against Trump to a larger narrative orchestrated by a controlling white liberal influence, mainly calling out Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis.

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When questioned about the recent indictment against the former president, Gibson dismissed it as “bullshit” and criticized Willis as a puppet controlled by white liberals. He anticipated that these charges would only strengthen support for Trump, even suggesting that Trump should be made king. It’s worth noting that claims have been made without concrete evidence, implying that Gibson could be a paid activist. This context adds a layer of complexity to the motivations behind his outspoken support for Trump.

The gathering of Black Trump supporters outside the jail illustrates the diverse range of perspectives within the Trump supporter base. Gibson’s bold statements and unwavering support underscore the profoundly divisive nature of Trump’s presidency, with strong opinions and emotions on both sides. As legal proceedings continue, the impact of such displays of support and opposition remains to be seen.