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(Natural News) Many political commentators are crying foul after it was confirmed that more Arizona voters pulled the lever for the state’s Republican candidate for treasurer, Kimberly Yee than for the state’s Republican candidate for governor, Kari Lake.

The official vote tally from The New York Times shows that Yee received 1,371,123 votes, or 55.6 percent support among voters, compared to Democrat Martin Quezada who received 1,092,833 votes, or 44.4 percent voter support.

Lake, meanwhile, only received 1,252,548 votes, or 49.62 percent of the vote, compared to Democrat Katie Hobbs, whom we are told “won” with 1,271,821 votes, or 50.38 percent of the vote.

Based on these numbers, we are expected to believe that Lake received 118,755 fewer votes than Yee. How can this be when the governor race in Arizona was much more widely publicized and far more important than the treasurer race?

Are we also expected to believe that Hobbs won despite receiving 99,302 fewer votes than Yee? None of the numbers add up, and those paying attention are furious about it as they demand answers. (Related: Check out our earlier coverage about how many Arizona voters had trouble voting due to faulty ballots that they were not told could be replaced with new ones.)

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There is simply no good reason why Arizona Republicans would turn out to vote for Yee but not for Lake. It is also highly unlikely that the “winner” of the governorship received fewer overall votes than the winner of the treasurer position, who is much less known.

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