Source: JD Rucker

Black Lives Matter protesters took to the streets of major cities across the nation following the acquittal of Kyle Rittenhouse. There has been violence, but for the first time the phrase “mostly peaceful protesters” actually makes sense as rioting has been limited. Perhaps they realize the Democrat regime can’t handle more bad press at this time.

One particular peaceful protest still drew plenty of attention because of a chant. Perhaps to keep the vibe from last year going, they didn’t chant for Jacob Blake or against Kyle Rittenhouse as much as they chanted for someone who was completely unrelated to the acquittal.

Their chant: “What’s His Name? George Floyd!” Huh?

Okay, so I can understand that the overarching paradigm of the Black Lives Matter movement was derived from the initial incomplete narrative surrounding George Floyd’s death. Therefore, I suppose there’s nostalgic value to invoking him at this protest. But the current predicate for protests and rioting is the Rittenhouse verdict. Could it be that their desire to make this a racist issue is being met with objections from those pointing out that they are marching over a White man shooting three other White men?

They could always focus on Jacob Blake. But that doesn’t fit their narrative very well, either. A Black man illegally visited one of his sexual assault victims to intimidate her. He resisted arrest and brandished a weapon before being shot. His shooting inexplicably prompted the massive destruction of property through the Kenosha riots, during which Kyle Rittenhouse was forced to defend himself from convicted criminals intent on doing him harm

Considering the circumstances, perhaps it DOES make sense to bring up George Floyd instead of any of the actual subjects that are supposedly the reasons for the protest march.