Less than three weeks before Election Day, a new study shows killings are on the rise, while polling indicates crime remains a top issue for voters.

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As polling continues to show crime is a top issue for voters, the number of homicides has skyrocketed nationwide.

In fact, homicide rates rose by an average of nearly 10% in 50 of the most populated U.S. cities between the third quarter of last year and the third quarter of this year — and are still rising — according to a new study.

WalletHub compared 50 of America’s largest cities based on per capita homicides for the third quarter (July through September) of each year since 2020, using locally published crime data to compile its findings.

According to WalletHub, these were the ten cities with the highest homicide cases per 100,000 residents from July through September:

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  1. St. Louis, Mo. (19.69)
  2. Kansas City, Mo. (14.86)
  3. Detroit, Mich. (13.24)
  4. Baltimore, Md. (12.45)
  5. New Orleans, La. (10.99)
  6. Milwaukee, Wisc. (10.46)
  7. Memphis, Tenn. (9.99)
  8. Philadelphia, Pa. (9.36)
  9. Norfolk, Va. (7.78)
  10. Chicago, Ill. (7.71)

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