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The Biden’s are spending time in Ottawa, Canada, with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his family. But true to past incidents, Biden’s gaffes, bizarre behavior, and references to what he is being told to say showed he is embarrassingly incompetent. While Russia and China make plans for how they want to change the world, America’s president struggles to form coherent sentences.
And although Biden has still not taken the time to go to East Palestine, Ohio, to survey the damage done to the residents following the chemical spill ravaging the community, he has taken the time to go to Canada.

When Biden attempted to greet the members of the Canadian House of Commons, telling them he applauded them, he slipped and said he applauded China, apparently unable to think and speak at the same time. Mumbling and bumbling, Joe said, “So today I applaud China…excuse me, I applaud Canada, you can tell when I’m thinking.”

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Biden’s press conference did not fare any better,
He began by saying, “Uh, I have, uh, we have, um, you know, uh…”

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