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Want to see the sad realities of being a police officer in the wake of the death of George Floyd?

Last December, Charlotte-Mecklenburg, North Carolina police Officer Elliot Whitley responded to a call about a suspect who had broken into a car and pointed a gun at someone.

He chased the 14-year-old suspect, who turned out to have been charged in 46 prior criminal cases dating back to 2014. When Whitley caught up with the teen, the 14-year-old turned around and shot him.

This last week, the city of Charlotte released bodycam footage decisively proving events unfolded just like that. And yet, Officer Whitley is still being criticized by activists.

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Police said in a Wednesday media release that, last Dec. 27, “officers were dispatched to a Larceny from Vehicle in progress call for service in the 6100 block of Winged Elm Court. The caller also advised that the suspect had pointed a firearm at a nearby citizen.