Learn how the State Department is using your tax dollars to violate the First Amendment and silence Infowars!”The feds are targeting us,” warns Alex Jones. “If you want someone to fight for you, here we are!”

Posted BY: Ben Warren

Alex Jones and Infowars are specifically mentioned in government-developed online censorship tools marketed to Big Tech, Mike Adams of Natural News revealed on The Alex Jones Show Wednesday.

This revelation is the latest to come from documents related to discovery in Missouri’s First Amendment lawsuit against the Biden administration which has already shown how the government has been working with Big Tech to censor conservatives.

“If you go through the discovery of [the lawsuit] – which I have done – it is every smoking gun that you need to prosecute the federal government for violations of civil rights, censorship, and First Amendment violations,” said Adams. “Infowars is named in those documents, and so is Brighteon & Natural NewsAlex Jones is NAMED in those documents. They targeted us [with] illegal censorship…”

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“We are specifically named on target lists that were handed over to Big Tech along with government-developed tools for Big Tech to censor our speech by simply labeling everything we say as ‘misinformation.’”

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