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Inquiring minds are looking at the astounding facts concerning the recent discovery of classified documents in the possession of President Joe Biden.

Remember, a short time ago, the FBI raided former President Trump’s Florida home, Mar-a-Lago, to seize documents that Trump had stored there. In the case of the items seized, they were formerly-classified documents that Trump publicly state that he himself had declassified before he left the Oval Office, a power that a sitting president holds. The documents were slated to be a part of Trump’s future presidential library, in the manner that all presidents leaving office compile and declassify documents for such a purpose. Trump stated soon after the raid that not only were the documents stored in a special room, but the FBI have viewed the storage and the room and requested additional locks be added to the locks already present and Trump complied, receiving FBI approval in the matter of the storage of the documents.

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Now, documents have been discovered in Joe Biden’s possession. Documents that date back to the Obama era White House, when Joe Biden was vice-president. Vice presidents do not have the declassification powers that sitting presidents do, so Biden could not have declassified these documents himself. Furthermore, reportedly some of the discovered documents bear information about the international business dealings of Hunter Biden and the connection between those dealings and President Joe Biden, a hot topic since the discovery of similar information on the laptop of Hunter Biden, and the release by Twitter of files relating to the laptop information.

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