Drive-thru theaters are also seeing a boom likely not seen since the ‘American Graffiti’ days

Boom: Domino's to Hire 10,000 Workers as Americans Shift to Pizza Delivery Over Coronavirus

Source: Kit Daniels | 

Nationwide pizza chain Domino’s says it expects to hire 10,000 workers as demand for delivery pizza explodes amid the coronavirus chaos.

Workers needed include delivery drivers, pizza cooks, customer service reps, store managers and CDL truck drivers for its logistics centers, according to CNBC.

“Our corporate and franchise stores want to make sure they’re not only feeding people, but also providing opportunity to those looking for work at this time, especially those in the heavily-impacted restaurant industry,” CEO Ritch Allison said in a statement.

While dine-in restaurants have been decimated by the ongoing coronavirus phenomenon, the ones that can provide drive-thru and carry out orders are surviving, if not thriving.

In other words, while the media has been reporting on unprecedented job losses in response to the coronavirus pandemic, it appears some jobs are actually shifting to other business models where human interaction is limited.

For example, drive-in theaters are seeing a sales boom not experienced since the ‘American Graffiti’ days whereas traditional theaters are facing severe declines in ticket sales and concessions.

“Amidst the Trump administration’s recommendation that Americans avoid gatherings with more than 10 people, the drive-in movie theater industry is reportedly experiencing some growth in business,” reported Daily Wire. “…Drive-in owners across several states have reported increases in business, even while accounting for coronavirus mitigation strategies, such as limiting access to food stands or other areas where people may congregate.”

In comparison, around 89% of traditional movie theaters have shut down due to the coronavirus.

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