Posted BY: Macro Conservative

Texas Governor Greg Abbott has officially invoked the Invasion Clauses of the U.S. and Texas Constitution, now declaring illegal immigration at our southern border to be an invasion.

Governor Abbott took to Twitter on Tuesday to make the declaration:

“I invoked the Invasion Clauses of the U.S. & Texas Constitutions to fully authorize Texas to take unprecedented measures to defend our state against an invasion.”

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The tweet includes a list of actions the state of Texas will be taking:

I’m using that constitutional authority, & other authorization & Executive Orders to keep our state & country safe:

  • Deploy the National Guard to safeguard the border, and to repel and turn back immigrants trying to cross the border illegally
  • Deploy the Texas Dept. of Public Safety (DPS) to arrest and return immigrants to the border who crossed illegally, and to arrest illegal immigrants for criminal activity;
  • Build a wall in multiple counties on the border;
  • Deploy gunboats;
  • Designate Mexican drug cartels as foreign terrorist organizations;
  • Enter into a compact with other states to secure the border; 
  • Enter into agreements with foreign powers to enhance border security;
  • Provide resources for border counties to increase their efforts to respond to the “border invasion.”

On Monday, Hopkins County, Texas declared a local state of disaster described as an invasion from Mexico and a “humanitarian disaster”.  They further explained the local residents were under “imminent threat” from illegal activities coming in from the Southern border.