Posted BY: The RightScoop

This was pure dang gold. You won’t hear it from the media, but Herschel Walker was magnificent in the Georgia debate tonight. The white liberal press are already mocking him in as racist a way as they can, making fun of how he talks and what he talks about, calling him a criminal or a deadbeat dad, basically any racist stereotype they can think of because they think they have a free pass. It’s disgusting.

But in reality Walker’s common sense, cut through the crap observations and his adherence to direct truth were both shining examples of what Americans are desperately seeking and need from their representatives in Washington.

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In every conceivable way he will be a better Senator than that evicting, self-seriving, false witness “reverend” Warnock.

This moment in particular stood out for me. The crowd and Warnock started to snicker when Walker said about lowering prices of insulin that first you have to eat right. But that’s WHAT’S REAL. Washington Democrats congratulating themselves over “medicare reform” don’t get it. But if you’ve ever had to skip going to the doctor because you can’t afford to miss work or just can’t pay for the gas to get there you know the truth of what Walker says here.

If you can’t buy food and gas, what the hell difference does lowering Medicare costs make?

Oh and speaking of false witness: