Hundreds of illegals are being bussed by Border Patrol and NGOs to airports where they’re given plane tickets.

Posted BY: Adan Salazar

Reports claim that illegal aliens are being rerouted from the Mexican border to Phoenix Sky Harbor airport by border officials and non-governmental organizations.

According to Fox 10 Phoenix, illegals crossing the border in droves are driven by bus to the airport where they’re given plane tickets to continue their treks into the US.

The number of people illegally crossing the southern border into Arizona continues to grow, and many of them are being bused daily to the Phoenix airport, where they are then sent to destinations across the country.

Airport officials say they see between 200 and 300 migrants every day, dropped off by the busload from border officials or NGOs from Yuma.

Fox 10 documented one illegal immigrant’s journey from Cuba to Miami.

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One man who traveled from Cuba is hoping to get to Miami. When asked why he made the dangerous journey to the U.S., he said, “Like all Cubans, it’s the American dream.”

Another family said that once they crossed into Yuma, they were processed by immigration in under 24 hours. Next thing they knew, they were on a bus to Sky Harbor.

Southwest Airlines handed them their ticket to Tampa, but it’s not until tomorrow. They’re spending the night in Phoenix.

“The whole world loves America, everyone wants to come here,” said a migrant.

The report says illegals are unfamiliar with airline travel and require assistance from airline staff, however some illegals speak Spanish, Russian and Portuguese, creating difficult language barriers for airport employees.

As crossings continue to rise, these busloads will become more frequent. But some migrants are not prepared to travel when they’re dropped off, leaving it up to airport employees to navigate booking flights and finding out ways to pay for them.

“If migrants cannot get a flight to friends of family, organizations like the International Rescue Committee can pick them up and provide resources,” Fox10 reports.

The migrants meanwhile are given dates for their asylum requests at immigration courts, which are backlogged as long as five years. Even then, roughly 90 percent of illegals do not show up to immigration hearings.