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We know him as a legendary boxer. We know him for his convenient countertop grills. Now America will know George Foreman for his faith in the upcoming movie biographical film Big George Foreman.

Speaking to the Christian Post about the upcoming film, Foreman talked about his journey to faith, eventually becoming an Evangelical Christian pastor after a successful run in boxing.

“You come to a point in your life and you realize the only important thing in your life is [to be] an evangelist,” he told the outlet.

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“‘Evangelistic’ is the word that has been so powerful to me in my life. If something happened to me tomorrow … I know I’ve done a good job, and I’m happy about that, trying to spell out to the world, ‘Jesus Christ has come alive in me,’” he added.

Foreman went on to win the gold medal in boxing at the Mexico City 1968 Olympic Games after a troubled youth, during which he struggled through poverty and a life marked by instability and violence. Per the Christian Post:

Born in 1949 in Marshall, Texas, Foreman was one of seven children and had a problematic childhood defined by instability, violence and poverty. After dropping out of school in the 10th grade, Foreman began abusing alcohol and engaging in violent crime on the streets of Houston’s Fifth Ward.

In 1965, he left Houston for the Job Corps in California, a program developed to help disadvantaged youth by teaching them vocational job skills. It was there that Doc Broaddus, who was a Job Corps counselor and a boxing coach, encouraged Foreman to channel his anger through boxing.

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