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The story of a teenager from Texas is nothing short of miraculous. On his seventeenth birthday, he collapsed on a football field. It was a panicked moment for everyone, and the youngster’s life hung in the balance. However, something unbelievable was about to unfold.

On an ordinary day in 2015, Zack Clements’ life changed irrevocably. Despite being a healthy kid with no medical issues, he suffered a heart attack in a P.E. class at his school, Victory Life Academy.

It was long enough for severe brain damage to occur, and the medical staff was ready to declare him dead officially. However, God had other plans for Zack.

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Medics performed CPR on Zack quickly and efficiently, but the situation looked hopeless. The doctors even prepared the family for the worst because he had no heartbeat for 20 minutes.

The team transported him by air ambulance to Cook Children’s Hospital in Fort Worth. They expected Zack to display some signs of brain damage—if he ever woke up.

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