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Pastor Hank Kunneman was on ElijahStreams yesterday for a brand new interview and it was incredible!

They always are, but I really loved this one.

There are several big things in here, but first was when he went back and read his April 2020 prophecy and showed how it has now come to pass.

It is very clear now in hindsight that this prophecy given SEVEN months before the 2020 election clearly told of the election theft ahead of time.

It’s really incredible to hear.

Want to know the best part?

It also told of a turnaround that God would bring in a suddenly moment!

If this story were a map on a wall, the “You Are Here” sticker would be pointing to exactly this moment in time.

The turnaround is coming folks, can’t you feel it?

Can’t you feel things starting to turn?

I can.

Pastor Hank then talks about the 4th of July and something very special coming.

He’s not setting dates for President Trump’s return, but he says it will be huge and one of the best 4th of July’s we’ve had in perhaps our lifetimes.

Funny, my friend Bo Polny told the the same thing last week when he came on my show!

Watch the full interview here, it’s worth it.