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Former CNN host Brian Stelter has a bizarre fixation with Tucker Carlson, whose new show debuted on Twitter this week and went beyond viral.

Stelter, who previously hosted “Reliable Sources” on CNN, couldn’t stop talking about Carlson’s inaugural show and the reaction to it online on Tuesday.

In one post on Twitter, he appeared to question whether the video had actually garnered tens of millions of views.

Carlson unveiled “Tucker on Twitter” on Tuesday — just about six weeks after Fox News blindsided fans by canceling his show.

Not everyone is a fan of Carlson, but there is no doubting his influence. In his nearly seven years as the host of “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” he became cable news’ ratings king and one of the most influential voices on the right.

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There is also no denying that Carlson remains in demand as a free agent.

In his initial 10-minute Twitter episode, he called out media bias and government corruption and also touched on a number of controversial topics that he presumably intends to explore in the future in greater detail.

The video racked up just under 100 million views in the 24 hours after it was posted.

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