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During an appearance on the Dan Abrams shows this week, Brian Stelter claimed he has no idea why he got fired by CNN.

That’s probably a total lie. Surely, Stelter had conversations with people at the network who told him why he was being fired.

What’s more likely is that Stelter doesn’t want to say it because then it becomes part of the public record.

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Townhall reports:

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Brian Stelter Does Not Know Why CNN Fired Him: ‘We Were Doing Fantastic Journalism’

Former CNN host Brian Stelter revealed he does not know the reason why he was fired from CNN as their chief media correspondent and anchor of “Reliable Sources” by the new leadership.

Speaking on NewsNation with Dan Abrams, Stelter defended his tenure, which was constantly mocked for being disingenuous about liberal bias the mainstream media has and providing cover for news outlets that were not Fox News and Democrats.

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