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Britain could be blasted with more snow as temperatures drop to near-freezing in a few days, the Met Office has warned.

‘Disruptive’ flurries could hit the nation over the coming week with a cold snap taking a hold of parts of Scotland and England.

Met Office meteorologist Aidan McGivern described the most likely scenario will see cold air pushed into the north and east of the UK causing snow by the start of next week.

He described: ‘The low pressure from the south and the west is likely to push in and mix with the cold at the north and east, leading to some disruptive snow in places by the start of next week’.

Scotland could be faced with snow as soon as Saturday, according to The Sun, while other north-eastern parts of the UK will be affected after.

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In its long-range forecast for March 3 to March 12, a Met Office spokesperson also added: ‘Friday is likely to be mostly cloudy with some light rain in places, although some clear or sunny intervals remain possible. 

‘Into the weekend, settled conditions are expected to continue, bringing variable cloud with some clear, sunny spells’, the outlook says. 

‘Showers mainly along northern and eastern coasts could be wintry across hills. Later in the period, high pressure is expected to migrate northwestwards, increasing the likelihood of any wintry showers in the north and east. 

‘There is a small possibility of more organized rain or snow spreading southwards, with the west and northwest most likely to remain under a settled regime.

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