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Here are two seemingly competing statements of fact that are both 100 percent true:

  • America is not a perfect country.
  • America is the best country.

Indeed, America, particularly with its current brand of awful leadership, is far from perfect. Crime is raging in virtually every major city, the media is bought and paid for, government overreach is rampant, and the everyday cost of living is soaring.

Despite all of those calamities, there’s a reason that people, by hook or crook, want to enter this country so badly.

Namely, the United States, for all of its warts, is still the best country in the world — and it’s not particularly close. The freedoms this country provides (ironically to the people who claim to be most aggrieved) are second to none.

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For as much as the LGBT lobby likes to whine and complain about its treatment in America, it’s inarguable that there are few countries, if any, that are more tolerant of the far left’s views on gender and sexuality.

After all, this is the country that Bud Light, the most American Belgian company this side of Brussels, felt was the perfect market for an ad campaign with transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney (though that move has royally backfired).

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