More people are waking up to the disastrous effects of the elites’ COVID lockdowns despite media brainwashing.

Posted BY: Kara | NwoReport

A tense exchange ensued between a news broadcaster and her guest over the UK’s crippling lockdown policy response to COVID-19.

GB News broadcaster Dominique Samuels clashed with businessman Kevin Craig on Monday over the UK’s handling of the COVID pandemic, with Craig arguing in favor of the lockdowns.

“There was a pandemic. People were dying. We didn’t have vaccines, which is why the situation is much different now. And at the time we had a national emergency,” Craig insisted.

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He went on to say the UK was too “late” in declaring lockdowns, but that they were nevertheless “necessary” to “save lives.”

Samuels offered a different take, citing the numerous studies showing lockdowns had a deeply negative impact on people’s physical and psychological health with virtually no benefits.

“I don’t think that makes sense at all when it comes to lockdowns,” she said, adding that the UK looked to Communist China for the lockdown “blueprint.”

Craig dismissed Samuel’s criticism, saying she’s been “constantly banging on about how you think lockdowns were a disaster.”

“I don’t think, I know!” Samuels replied, deferring to case studies before Craig interrupted her and dismissed her for not being an “expert.”

Samuels responded that “lockdowns had no impact on saving people’s lives,” citing remarks made by the UK’s own chief medical advisor Christopher Whitty.

“Chris Whitty has even admitted now that more people are dying than they were at the height of the pandemic because of the aftereffects of lockdowns. That is factually why more people are dying in the NHS right now. Because lockdowns didn’t work, they don’t work.”

Samuels went on to point out that Sweden, which “didn’t implement any lockdowns,” ended up with “one of the lowest excess death tallies in the world.”

Numerous experts have come forward admitting lockdowns had a deeply negative impact on people’s physical and psychological health with virtually no benefits.

The Dean of London South Bank University’s School of Applied Sciences recently noted that the “level of psychological distress” in the UK has doubled since the COVID pandemic began as a result of the lockdowns.

“We know what’s happened. There was fear-mongering on the part of media and government, which include increased anxiety responses surrounding the virus,” said Professor Marcantonio Spada.