Despite unambiguous dangers, pregnant women are still having the Covid-19 injections recommended to them by oblivious or complicit doctors.

Source: Scott Boyd

Ask your average American how many preborn babies have been aborted following their mothers being injected with Covid-19 experimental drugs, commonly known as “Covid vaccines.” Many will say “zero” because mainstream media doesn’t report on them. Most will likely say somewhere in the range between 1-20. The reality is shocking as a new report indicates 576 preborn babies died shortly after their mothers took the jabs.

What’s even more concerning is the fact that the VAERS data is incomplete. There are likely countless would-be mothers who are either too overwhelmed with grief to report the deaths to VAERS or are not aware of how to do it. The vast majority of their doctors and nurses didn’t tell them to report the incident to the CDC; in some hospitals across America, staff are forbidden to even mention VAERS.

The news was so shocking that we had to find multiple sources to verify what was reported by Health Impact News despite the fact that they’ve been known to be very accurate about such things. Our due diligence revealed the numbers are correct.

Why do the CDC, WHO, and most doctors still recommend vaccinating pregnant women? Are the not investigating the public information that should prompt them to warn against getting vaccinated? Is there a conspiracy afoot, one that’s similar to what Brian Shilhavy calls a “population control agenda”? Are they doing as many health care professionals are doing lately by dismissing the deaths of 576 preborn children as acceptable collateral damage compared to the “benefits” of getting everyone vaccinated?

The most important question is this: Why is this information being buried? Certainly our government and others are well aware of the risks taken on by pregnant mothers getting vaccinated. For a concern as serious as what these numbers tell us, who among those in the medical profession are willing to blow the whistle?

OB-GYN doctors who are unaware of this information should not be practicing. Those who are aware and are still willing to recommend the “vaccines” to pregnant women are complicit in the deaths they cause. Considering that nearly 94% of the pregnant women who suffered unintended abortions following their injections are under the age of 44 and therefore are not at high risk for Covid-19, the willingness to blindly vaccinate anyone is causing more harm than the coronavirus itself.

Here’s an article by Shilhavy that lays out these shocking numbers:

CDC: 6,113 DEAD Following COVID-19 Injections Including 576 Abortions – Population Control Agenda Hard to Deny

The CDC is now reporting that 6,113 people have died following COVID-19 injections, with their latest release of data today in the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS), a U.S. Government funded database that tracks injuries and deaths caused by vaccines.

Source: Medalerts

Besides the 6,113 deaths reported, there are 5,172 permanent disabilities, 6,435 life threatening events, and 51,558 emergency room visits.

To put this into some perspective, there have now been more deaths reported following COVID-19 injections that started in December of 2020, than there have been total deaths recorded following vaccinations in the previous 30 years, from January 1, 1991 through November 30, 2020, according to the CDC’s VAERS.

Source: Medalerts

There have also now been 576 deaths of unborn children reported following COVID-19 shots, as the CDC continues to recommend that pregnant woman should get injected with these shots, that many dissenting medical doctors and scientists are now describing as “bioweapon” injections.

Source: Medalerts

Can there be any doubt any longer that the stated goals of the eugenicist Global leaders, such as Bill Gates, to reduce the world’s population are now in full swing?

And these are just the reports that the CDC has decided to release to the public. There are allegedly whistleblowers within the CDC stating that the true number of deaths being reported following COVID-19 shots is over 50,000 now. (Source.)

Editor’s Note: We triple checked the data, sources, and methods of tabulation. We also explored a large sampling of the reports to see if there was obvious manipulation. What we found is that the large sampling did not exhibit any reason to believe the information has been faked, manipulated, or manufactured.

The reason we did this is because this revelation is nothing short of mind-blowing. It’s not surprising that pregnant women and the infants inside them are susceptible to the Covid-19 injections. What is definitely surprising is how this information has not been broadcast to the world by conscientious doctors or media outlets. One can only come to the conclusion that the powers that be simply do not want people to be aware of the risks of the “vaccines,” particularly those risks shared between pregnant mother and preborn child.

The same people who claim to be willing to take any draconian measure to “protect the children” are suppressing information that demonstrates just how dangerous the “vaccines” are to preborn babies.

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