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The Burning Man festival, set in the unforgiving Black Rock Desert of Nevada, has taken a dire turn as a rainstorm unleashed an ‘apocalypse,’ stranding tens of thousands of attendees, including tech enthusiasts, in a sterile environment. Since early Saturday, all entrances and exits to the festival have been sealed off due to the thick and alkaline mud covering the dried-up lake bed.

As of 0900 ET on Sunday, event organizers confirmed the continued closure of the gate and airport, effectively halting all ingress and egress except for emergency vehicles. Around 73,000 attendees have been advised to ration their food and water supplies and seek refuge in warm spaces to endure the challenging conditions.

Tragically, at least one death has been reported, though details regarding the cause remain undisclosed. A pressing concern is transforming the toxic alkali dust that once composed the lake bed into three inches of mud. If it comes into contact with exposed skin, this mud can result in chemical burns known as “Playa Foot.”

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In conclusion, the Burning Man festival, already notorious for its extreme environment, faces an unprecedented crisis as the ‘apocalypse’ traps attendees within a quagmire of thick mud. With entry and exit routes blocked, organizers and participants must contend with dwindling resources and the risk of health hazards. The event’s future remains uncertain as authorities work to address the dire situation and ensure the well-being of those stranded in the harsh Nevada desert.