Local restaurants and bars are using generators to stay open despite city officials going to extreme lengths to try and have them shut down

Source: Kelen McBreen

Local businesses in two different states are dealing with similar situations after their respective city governments shut off power to the buildings, claiming the establishments violated COVID-19 health orders.

A San Antonio, Texas strip club brought in a truck-sized generator to keep the lights on after city officials had the electricity turned off.

Next, the city took their efforts a step further by disconnecting water to the club.

XTC Cabaret’s owners got around that dilemma by bringing in portable restrooms.

The trouble began in November of 2020 when the City of San Antonio revoked the certificate of occupancy from the gentlemen’s club.

However, XTC Cabaret remained open and has received several citations for violating COVID restrictions in the time since.

Last month, the city issued two citations because “a bartender was not wearing a mask” and “the club was open without a certificate of occupancy.”

In total, five citations of up to $2,000 have been issued to the club.

Meanwhile, a local bar in Burbank, California had its power and phone lines cut off after the business stayed open against city and county COVID shutdown orders.

The City of Burbank also issued a warning that they reserve the right to “padlock” the bar’s doors shut if they don’t comply.

“The court did not provide permission to padlock the doors at this time but continues to reserve such a remedy as a last resort,” a statement from the city read. 

After the city shut off their phone lines, the owners of Tinhorn Flats wrote on Facebook, “Phones have been disconnected. We will not comply. We are open. Cash only.”

The bar has remained open and are using a generator to provide electricity to the building.

Patrons continue to support the establishment as a middle finger to the city for going out of its way to keep the bar closed.