The bylaw, which spawned Wednesday’s protest and Tuesday’s prayer circle, was passed late Tuesday evening and was the fulfillment of a threat to crack down on anti-drag protests made by Calgary’s mayor two weeks ago.

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Derek Reimer, the pastor at Mission 7 Ministries, was hauled away Wednesday afternoon by police near a Calgary public library while participating in a protest against the city’s new “Safe and Inclusive Access Bylaw” which bans “specified protests” within 100 meters of an entrance of a city-affiliated facility.

While any exact reason for the arrest is not yet fully clear, one Calgary police officer involved in the incident can be heard telling Reimer he was “currently under arrest for breaching [his] 200m no-go condition.”

The pastor was also issued a trespass notice at Calgary city hall on Tuesday after silently praying in objection to the new law being debated in chambers.

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