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Over 500 residents and business owners turned up to a community meeting in Oakland, Calif., this week to voice their frustrations over the city’s “rampant” crime problem

Open Mind Music owner Henry Wimmer told “America Reports” Thursday that he’s been a victim of smash-and-grab theft and once scared off a person casing a car with a flashlight.

“What I see is a lot of people upset and understandably so, because crime has really been rampant in the time I’ve been in the Rockridge neighborhood, which is really a beautiful, wonderful neighborhood,” Wimmer said.

The “Crime and Violence Meeting” was called for by District One City Council member Dan Kalb. Joining Kalb on stage were interim Oakland Police Department Captain Jeff Thomason and interim Chief of the Department of Violence Prevention Kentrell Killens.

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Victims of the city’s crime spoke out during the committee meeting while Kalb and Thomason tried to outline steps they are trying to take to address the crime. 

“Who wants to live like this?!” one attendee said to applause.

Earlier this month, the city saw 100 robberies in a week, with 50 taking place over a single weekend, according to Oakland police.

The robberies that happened included acts like carjackings, shootings and assaults.

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