Source: Nworeport

LOS ANGELES, California: As the Thanksgiving travel season approaches, California drivers are in for a shock. For gasoline reached an average price of $4.676 a gallon on Sunday, according to the American Automobile Association, just 1 cent below the highest average ever recorded by AAA in October 2012.

“Our data shows the California statewide average has actually been at a record for several days,” said Patrick De Haan, the head of petroleum analysis at GasBuddy, an app that helps people search gas prices.

Meanwhile, in the San Francisco metro area, GasBuddy data showed the average price per gallon climbed to $4.847 Friday, up from an all-time record of $4.842 on November 10. AAA data saw similar trends, with November 12 recording a record of $4.855 per gallon.

Prices have been rising, as demand has been surpassing supply during the energy crisis overseas. De Haan said those factors are still at play, but the recent weather in California has also had an effect. “California got a tremendous amount of rain, which caused some refinery hiccups, which had just enough of an effect to cause a rise in prices,” as quoted by

De Haan said drivers should see prices fall a few cents lower before they have to fill up for any big Thanksgiving road trips. “We may start to see some relief though.that’s the good news,” he said.