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Snow storms are continuing to batter California, as fresh snowfall on Wednesday added to more blocked roads and many people left stranded.

The Sierra Nevada range in the north and Southern California mountains were under blizzard warnings for a storm that was expected to add several feet of snow overnight into early Wednesday, dumped more rain in many areas, and chilled much of the state.

Record cold temperatures were possible with lows down to 28 degrees Fahrenheit and as the National Weather Service issued freeze and frost warnings into early Wednesday in the San Francisco Bay Area and elsewhere.

Experts said the fierce weather could stretch across the Southwest as early as tomorrow, as the National Weather Service said the powerful weather system would affect most of the lower 48 states into Thursday.

But while California braces for another winter blast, temperatures could top 100 degrees Fahrenheit across far south Texas. The windy, dry conditions would make for a critical risk of wildfire conditions across southeast New Mexico and into western Texas for the next few days, according to the weather service.

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In Southern California, San Bernardino County declared a state of emergency as crews struggled to plow blocked roads. The homeless and those without electricity were at special risk from the cold.

Jennifer Cobb and her husband, vacationing in the San Bernardino Mountains, found themselves trapped for a week by a relentless series of storms.

‘We hear the phantom sounds of plows, but they never come,’ said Cobb, 49. ‘Being stuck up here in this beautiful place shouldn´t be awful, but it is.’

In the mountain town of Crestline, some people unable to drive trudged on foot to the grocery store.

But Michael Johnstone said his family´s store was running low Tuesday on key inventory.

‘We’re completely out of bread. Milk is getting really light. We’re almost completely out of produce,’ Johnstone said. Authorities escorted two full grocery trucks up to the mountain community, he said, but just in time for the new storm to add more snow.

The latest storms have bookended the country, with snow closing or delaying the opening for hundreds of schools in the Northeast, which saw the most significant snowfall Tuesday of what has been a mild winter.

And Michigan again fought a battle with ice after a storm Monday left thousands of customers without power in the central part of the state. To the southeast, around Detroit, some customers still lacked power nearly a week after a prior storm.

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