Activists demand more than $200 million at a heated public meeting

Posted BY: RM | NwoReport

California’s reparations task force has approved recommendations that could give black residents $ 1.2 million each as compensation for slavery and discrimination.

The nine-member committee voted Saturday to approve proposals on how the state can compensate and apologize for generations of harm caused by discriminatory policies. 

A black resident in California who has lived in the state their whole life until the age of 71 could receive more than $ 1.2 million in compensation if the recommendations are forged into law. 

But residents who attended the official meeting in Oakland hit out at the estimated costs of reparations, which some believe it is ‘nowhere near enough,’ demanding $ 200 million direct cash payments to individuals instead.

California became the first state to form a reparations task force in September 2020 following national protests over the death of George Floyd who was killed by a white Minneapolis Police officer.

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Its final report is to be sent to lawmakers before July 1 where it will forecast compensation estimates calculated by several economists the group is working with. The amount these reparations would cost the state was not outlined in the report but previous calculations from economists predicted it could cost around $ 800 billion- more than twice California’s approximate $300 billion annual budget.

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