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California resident sues Kaiser Permanente for allegedly killing her husband with remdesivir

Posted BY: Wyatt | NwoReport

workers at Kaiser Permanente, a popular Southern California medical provider. Christina Briones, whose husband is now dead from remdesivir, says the hospital system failed to obtain informed consent before administering the deadly covid pharmaceutical to her husband.

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The man reportedly died on September 12, prompting Christina to take legal action. She says her husband “was murdered because of government [expletive],” adding that she “never thought this could happen.” (Related: In 2012, Kaiser Permanente set a world record for the most flu shots administered in an eight-hour window.)

The Briones family’s lawsuit claims that remdesivir, made by Gilead Sciences, is a failed Ebola drug that was repurposed for use in treating the Fauci Flu, despite the fact that it was determined to be terminally toxic to the kidneys.

In one study, more than 53 percent of patients died following remdesivir administration, the suit further adds. Consequently, the study was canceled, only to later see remdesivir become the go-to “treatment” for Chinese Germs at American hospitals.

“The Kaiser Riverside physician did not disclose the availability of highly effective Safe Multi-Drug Early Treatment (SMDET) to Rodney when both Rodney and a reasonable patient in Rodney’s position would have wanted the disclosure,” said attorney Matthew Tyson in a September 7 complaint.

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