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Last week, The California Senate passed a bill that makes it illegal for businesses to require their employees to confront shoplifters.

Senate Bill 553, introduced by State Sen. Dave Cortese (D-Cupertino), focuses on strengthening occupational safety by addressing workplace violence and expanding the scope of protection and prevention measures. If the bill is approved by the California State Assembly and subsequently signed into law by the Democrat governor Newsom, it will come into effect on January 1, 2024.

“What we’re saying in the bill is, it’s not ok for an employer to take a rank and file worker, somebody whose job is really something else, a reporter for example, and say ‘hey if there’s an intruder, we’re going to deputize you. You’ll be the one to intervene.’ People get hurt and oftentimes killed that way,” Cortese told KTVU.

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Part of the measure would prevent companies from requiring their staff to confront active shooters or shoplifters.

The bill is introduced during a period when there is an increase in crime happening in retail stores since the enactment of criminal justice reforms. Many retailers are facing lower profits due to theft, especially organized retail crime. Additionally, there is a growing trend of violence associated with these theft incidents. Store owners are calling for more effective measures to prevent such crimes from happening.

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